May 23, 2010
8 years, 1 Month and 22 days since
our celebration.

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Welcome to the Gryfe 100 Website where, more than 100 years after the arrival in Canada of Sam and Molly Gryfe, their direct descendants, as well as their nieces and nephews, celebrate our legacy, and learn about our family history, which now spans eight generations .

This website serves as our means to stay in touch, as we provide current news, updated contact information, memories, photos and other images.

Of course, it’s more fun to actually see each other, but it’s not easy finding time to visit three or four generations of busy relatives, spread across Canada, the USA, and as far abroad as China, with our demanding jobs, clashing vacation schedules, and numerous other activities.

However, we can always use the Message Board, or the Profile Form. This will help us update or correct our personal information as it appears in the Family Trees, which are increasing in number as more ancestral generations are discovered.

Let’s also keep expanding the Photo Albums.

If you need a reminder of the passwords, use the Contact Us page.


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